YELLOW is a coffee table book celebrating the beauty of Asian men. This collection, which features the hottest Asian guys from all over the world, aims to reband emasculating stereotypes and to showcase the allure and desirability of Asian guys.

A large art book, with a truly international feel, containing stunning portraits of the 50 sexiest Asian men from all over the world, shot topless, against the iconic yellow background, a synonym for the YELLOW brand.

It features influential and notable Asian models, actors, musicians, artists, dancers, athletes and activists from around the globe.


The idea is to put Asian men in the spotlight like never before. To show them as desirable, as alpha males, sexual, confident, heroic - as the Ultimate Male.


This book does much more than simply pleasing the eye. It holds up a mirror to current perceptions of male beauty and asks the question: “Why are there so few Asian male heroes or heartthrobs in Western culture?“


Many have suffered prejudice or discrimination as a result of their Asian heritage. Next to each portrait is a personal quote, adding a layer of heart, humor and triumph to their beautiful image. 

’A long-term vision to rebrand the Asian male stereotype.’

Asian males do not have many Asian role models to look up to in Western culture. There is an apparent lack of representation and desirability to be an Asian Male presented in Hollywood or on our TV screens. Very few Asian men are casted as heroes, leading actors and heartthrobs.

While many people may argue that the jokes revolving around being Asian are just ‘jokes’, it is hurtful and damaging for many of those on the receiving end.

The impact on their self-esteem is felt much more deeply and can have lasting, detrimental effects at school and way into their adult life. Psychologically this is detrimental to many Asian men because they may begin to internalize and believe they are never good enough since they lack positive representation. 

’YELLOW’ is my response to this.


It’s about taking what has previously been seen as negative and turning it into a positive. My aim is to flip the negative Asian male stereotype on its head, and showcase Asian guys as leading men, as alpha male types.




Being the color of the sun, yellow symbolizes power, strength and grace. Yellow is exciting without being loud or angry.

We’re already starting to change stereotypes by using the word YELLOW as the title.

Many Asians feel discriminated against by being labeled ‘yellow’.

This time, we’re flipping the narrative, redefining what YELLOW means. Empowering Asian men, making them feel good and be proud to be YELLOW.

YELLOW is making the world a better, more colorful place!

For a new generation difference. ‘Be proud of who you are’.

All models are shot topless, and wearing a white underwear by one of our sponsor - U-Touch by Edison Fan, against the iconic yellow background, a synonym for the YELLOW brand.


We are not just choosing our models by their looks.

Our models have character, personality and most importantly, they all have a story to tell.

They aren’t just models. They are role models.  

We are ready to shine. We’re all motivated, excited and burning to promote YELLOW


Throughout the world, being an Asian male comes with many stigmas attached. Many guys are bullied at school and for some, even later in life. 

Bullying is a problem that affects us all and we must act together to put an end to it. 



With your help, we can give YELLOW the platform it needs, 

and if it can stop just one child from being bullied, or even give them some confidence, then that's worth every penny, blood and sweat that 

has gone into this project. 

Being Asian and male myself, this is a personal quest I am passionate about and determined to make it a success. Thank you!


© BY ZOEN LAM 2019