YELLOW is a coffee table book celebrating the beauty of Asian men. This collection, which features the hottest Asian guys from all over the world, aims to reband emasculating stereotypes and to showcase the allure and desirability of Asian guys.

This project explores the figure of the Asian male in a light so rarely afforded to this demographic. Inspired by Thomas Knight’s powerful portraits of redheads in Red Hot 100, Yellow contributes to the important repertoire of photographs that explore beauty in difference. In doing so, it lets the photographs of these Asian men write their own narrative, highlighting their bodies and stories to challenge standard definitions of beauty. 


’A long-term vision to rebrand the Asian male stereotype.’

For any self-identifying Asian, particularly where they make up a minority, inequality is a known truth; everyday, ethnic minorities feel the weight of racial stereotypes and prejudices in the western imagination. The concept of Asian itself was created from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century scientific discourses on race. Other terms with negative associations came into fashion: Asiastic, Mongoloid, Oriental; mysterious, exotic, emasculate, threatening, cowardly. Yellow.


It’s about taking what has previously been seen as negative and turning it into a positive. My aim is to flip the negative Asian male stereotype on its head, and showcase Asian guys as leading men, as alpha male types.




A word mired in a storied history of racism and resistance, yellow has long been used as a slur, but has also found new life as an expression of empowerment. We’re already starting to change stereotypes by entitling the project Yellow. While many Asians still feel discriminated against by being negatively labeled, “yellow”, we’re flipping the narrative, redefining what yellow means: empowering Asian men, making them feel good and proud to be yellow.

All models are shot topless, and wearing a white underwear by one of our sponsor - U-Touch by Edison Fan, against the iconic yellow background, a synonym for the YELLOW brand.


We are not just choosing our models by their looks.

Our models have character, personality and most importantly, they all have a story to tell.

They aren’t just models. They are role models.  

We are ready to shine. We’re all motivated, excited and burning to promote YELLOW


The Yellow Project stands on the shoulders of those who resisted negative stereotypes of who we are, what we look like, and how we should behave. Today, as billions of people around the world self-identify as Asian, offensive terms like Jap, gook, Chinks (the list goes on) are being used to provoke productive conversations on the racialized politics of representation. 


This series of photographs brings 50 sexy Asian men together from all around the globe; from Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles, and Shanghai to Barcelona, our models span a wide spectrum of society: actors, musicians, artists, dancers, athletes, activists and more. 


Each models represents a triumph over some form of discrimination, bullying, and stigmatization due to racial prejudice. Selections of interviews with these models are included in the book, allowing them to further write their own story as adults proudly living as Asian men.


It is time for us to shine a different light on those who have been assigned a less-than-becoming shade for far too long; positive Asian role models are still rarely found in popular media. To do so, Yellow highlights how Asian men simply belong and deserve to be seen for who we are: beautiful, strong, masculine, desirable human beings. This project encourages us to live proudly in our own skin. Our hope is that you see yourself reflected back in this celebration of beauty. 

Let us use yellow as a term of empowerment. This series of thoughtful and intimate photos makes the beauty and charm of Asian men visible for all to see. Yellow is making moves, challenging boundaries and expectations, defining the present and looking forward to a better future of inclusive beauty.

Being Asian and male myself, this is a personal quest I am passionate about and determined to make it a success. Thank you!


© BY ZOEN LAM 2020